Melons are a beautiful tasty fruit that grows on vines and inter-weaves over the ground. The vines have yellow flowers and weave their way across the ground. Melons come in a variety of sizes and colors. The Melon belongs to the Curcurbitaceae family.

Read on if you’re wondering how melons benefit us.

1. From seedling to mature melon

We have all had a melon of one kind or another, but did you know there are a large variety of melons and they have been cultivated across the globe?

Most Melons, like watermelons, contain a high water content which is up to 90% water, and have a soft interior flesh. Their exterior is a solid outer rind, solid in color, or may have a striped exterior. Most melons vary in size and flesh tone from pink, red, or yellow to white or orange. Another distinction to note is that you can get a melon seedless or seeded. Their vines weave across the ground displaying beautiful buds and flowers which transform into delicious, mouth-watering treats!

2. So what is a melon and how does it benefit us?

An added benefit to this tasty treat is that the melons with red flesh are rich in the antioxidant lycopene. The Lycopene in a red-fleshed melon is the highest per serving of ANY fruit or vegetable!

3. Refreshing taste,

if you’ve seen recipes with melon ingredients, you know the rind can be carved out to be used as a bowl decoration with melon and berries or simply sliced in wedges as individual pieces. There are a variety of ways to present this wonderfully tasty fruit.

It is always a good idea to serve chilled, especially on a warm day. You’ll find melons are a crowd pleaser with very little preparation involved.

What are the most popular melons and why?

From China to South America and North America melons are widely sought after for their delicious refreshing flavor. We all have our favorite melon and you’re most likely to find it at the MVGA Davenport Farmers’ Market or Bettendorf Farmers’ Market.

When melons are in season they are an affordable option to include at the dinner table or on a picnic. Everyone loves melons! MVGA Farmers’ Market always has a variety of melons to choose from during melon harvest. Visit us at the MVGA Davenport Farmers’ Market or Bettendorf Farmers’ Market for fresh produce. Check with your favorite Farmers’ Market vendor for their melon harvest dates.

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