Haven’t we all pondered this question when we have a fresh MVGA Farmers’ Market bag of corn on the cob?

Most people, just like me want the easiest way to cook corn on the cob with the best results! But which cooking method is the best?

Read on if you’d like to know the many ways to cook corn on the cob, and which method truly works well!

1. How many methods actually work well when cooking corn on the cob?

First, let’s look at the options! in my search for different approaches to cooking Corn On The Cob, I found these methods: Butter Bath, Wrapped In Foil, Roasted, Grilled without the Husks, Grilled with the Husks, Boiled, Instant Pot, and Microwave.

Although I exhausted my search for ratings on each method, considering the recipes and results, I’ve come to the conclusion it boils down (no pun intended) to how easy it is to Prepare and of course the Flavor!

2. What method didn’t work well.

Let’s first address what method didn’t work very well.

I don’t know about you but THE MICROWAVE METHOD; seemed easy enough, shuck the corn cobs, wrap wet paper towels around each of the corn cobs, place them in the microwave for 5 minutes, and voila!

Well, that yielded dried-out shrunk withered kernels. No matter how I changed the cooking time it really wasn’t the best result and a waste of good corn on the cob.

Next, THE GRILLING METHOD; was easy to prepare, shuck the cobs, place them on the open grill, monitoring, and rotating often yielded burnt dry kernels. Now if you like that burnt taste then this is the method for you. However, it was evident the corn kernels couldn’t withstand the direct heat. Clearly, the corn on the cob required a barrier of protection like foil or husks or perhaps even one of those grill accessories that keep veggies from burning. My point is, Without Some Kind of Protection, well it will burn.

3. What methods worked

Well, I suggested a barrier so let’s look at THE WRAPPED METHOD: shucking the corn on the cob, soaking in sugar water, wrapping each in foil with 2 thin slices of butter, monitoring, and rotating for around 15 minutes worked well. there were some spots that had a few burnt areas, but all in all, it worked pretty well. The taste was juicy and steamed with a hint of butter.

Here goes THE ROASTING METHOD; soak the corn on the cob with husks on for about 30 minutes, then place them in a pan with husks still attached, roast for 35 minutes at 350° F. The corn on the cob was somewhat juicy and the kernel texture was a bit off.

As you can imagine by now I’m ready for a method that’s going to provide those plump juicy kernels I’ve been imagining and yet to taste! So here goes the Instant Pot method. Shuck and half the corn, I decided to soak in sugar water for 30 minutes, then place vertically inserting into the instant pot, cook on high pressure for 5 minutes, quick release the pressure, remove them. The corn on the cob was very similar to boiled corn on the cob and very juicy! Of course topping with butter, salt and pepper made it absolutely amazing.

I think if you need to feed a group quickly, this method would work well considering each batch only takes 5 minutes to yield delicious results!

I do love butter so let’s examine THE BUTTER METHOD; shuck the corn on the cob, add it to a large pot of water to boil, add enough butter to coat the submerged corn, and simmer the corn on the cob until it turns tender. The results were plump, juicy, and oh so tasty.

I’ve always boiled corn on the cob in a large pot and I was comfortable with THE BOILING METHOD; shuck the corn cobs, boil water, add salt and add the corn on the cob for 5 minutes. I tend to leave them in the water to keep warm just prior to serving. I believe this is the most widely utilized method simply because it yields excellent results.

Last but not least, THE GRILLING METHOD; if you like that smoky taste to your corn on the cob, well this is the method for you. I soaked the corn on the cob with husks on for 30 minutes, then with a towel wipe the excess dripping water off the husks prior to placing them directly on the high heated grill, monitored, and rotated often for 15 minutes then check and serve. The corn on the cob has a smokey bold flavor, with juicy plump kernels.

4. Which is your favorite?

When it comes to corn on the cob, at the end of the day, it’s all about your personal preference! Do you love smokey or non-smokey-tasting corn on the cob with those plump juicy kernels?

Considering all methods and their results, the clear winners were, GRILLING WITH THE HUSK ON and THE BOILING METHOD in saltwater. Those two methods produced juicy plump tender kernels with or without smokey flavor.

Has this article made you hungry for corn on the cob? If so come on down to the MVGA Davenport Farmers’ Market and the Bettendorf Farmers’ Market when the corn harvest begins to snag your corn on the cob bags!

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