If you’ve ever felt like life is flying by and just downright overwhelming to manage everything, then this blog post is for you.

I know what it feels like when your week is packed with meetings, shuttling kids back and forth, completing errands, and feeling like there is just too little of you. It’s not true though!

Finding ways to be efficient, and manage your time is a balancing act! Especially when you are faced with a dinner party or birthday party and just have no time to bake something to show those people in your life that they are indeed special.

Read on if you are pressed for time and can’t manage time to bake or just don’t have baking skills. If you need to give yourself a break from stress – this post is a perfect read.

1. Be prepared with a list of bakers from the MVGA Farmers’ Market

If you are a planner it’s easy to include a quick visit to the baker’s booth at the MVGA Davenport Farmers’ Market or Bettendorf Farmer’s Market to pick up a pie, cake, coffee cake, cookies, rolls, or bread. If you’re not a planner, all the better! Just pop in on one of the market days and be amazed at the variety of baked goods to choose from! The MVGA Farmers’ Market always has baker’s booths with wonderfully delicious fresh baked goods.

You are sure to find your favorite pie or cake or amazingly fresh loaves of bread for your dinner table or special event. It’s just so easy to swing by your MVGA’s Davenport Farmers’ Market or Bettendorf Farmers’ Market and choose from a variety of freshly baked goods.

The Mississippi Valley Growers Association’s Farmers’ Markets are held on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. These Market days are spaced throughout the week for your shopping convenience!

2. Keep your wish list handy at all times – don’t wait, Tasty Treats go fast!

The fun in finding an amazing baker is trying their freshly baked goods. Yep, I’m talking about samples! Sometimes you’ll find samples to taste. Need I say more?

What’s wonderful about the 4 days MVGA brings bakers to market is the variety of baked goods available during the weekdays and on Saturdays. Not to mention, everything is so fresh and delicious!

Each baker is a uniquely talented baker. The pies, cookies, and loaves of bread are amazing!

5. Use Google Maps to navigate to the MVGA Davenport or Bettendorf Farmers’ Market. The website has a MARKET LOCATIONS page for map directions.

Driving or walking you can utilize Google Maps to find your way to MVGA’s Farmers’ Markets. It’ll give you directions and useful information like the distance to your destination, what streets to take, and how long it’ll take to get there. You can reach the Google Maps directions on the MARKET LOCATIONS page on the website.

It’s easy to download a map of your Favorite MVGA Farmers’ Market location ahead of time, for easy reference. Come join us at the MVGA Davenport Farmers’ Market and Bettendorf Farmers’ Market! Check out our MVGA Market Locations web page for a day that best fits into your schedule! We can’t wait to see you!

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