There are so many options to choose from when searching for fresh vegetables for tonight’s dinner, but wait, what produce is in season?

Finding ways to be creative with the season’s current harvest can be daunting. Especially if you like to plan your meals and have fresh produce in the frig ready to use!

Read on if you experience the same struggles.

1. Be prepared with questions for your favorite vendor.

Thank goodness for our MVGA Davenport Farmers’ Market and Bettendorf Farmers’ Market vendors! They are more than happy to help you find creative ways to utilize in-season produce. Make sure to have your list of favorite veggies, fruit, and questions so you know exactly when to start looking for your favorite produce when it’s in season.

The vendors are there to not only provide fresh produce but to help you with suggestions that work with produce during summer and fall harvests! The added bonus is when farmers give you a good idea of when certain products will be ready for harvest during the summer and fall months.

Ask Questions! It’s also a good idea to pick their brain on how to cook the veggies especially if it’s something new you’ve yet to try.

2. Be open to suggestions.

Perhaps what is in season may not be an item you have ever prepared for your family, but could be so simple to prep, cook/bake, and serve!

Keep an open mind. Remember our local farmers have decades of experience. They are here to help and provide suggestions and information about their fresh produce. For example, who knew some apples are not the best for baking apple pie? Some apples hold their shape during baking and some break down during the baking process. When MVGA vendors share their valuable insights we all benefit from their wisdom and suggestions!

I’ve found after shopping at the farmers’ Market, I’ve returned to purchase the next in-season produce! Before I realize it, I know the farmer by name, and am looking forward to picking out the next Fresh In-season produce with their help! There is satisfaction in knowing the farmer remembers our previous conversation and is happy to see my return to their booth!

3. Benefits of In-season veggies and fruits

You can track your spending and see how In-Season veggies and fruits can many times be easy on your budget. Why? Simply because they are the in-season produce. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to bring home healthy fresh veggies and fruit for your family to consume? Our farmers proudly and carefully harvest fresh produce for the MVGA Davenport Farmers’ Market and Bettendorf Farmers’ Market every week. It’s all about supply and demand and our farmers work tirelessly to provide wholesome freshly harvested produce just for you!

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